The company started as a passion for beautiful gifts and decorations, plus lavish, often handcrafted accessories to brighten any present. We are now proud to offer a full bespoke gift sourcing and luxury wrapping service to fill any need.

The Perfect Gift

At Something Given our aim is to ease the pressure of those special dates that require buying numerous presents and endless hours of wrapping. We take away that stress, consult with you on the perfect gift, then wrap and deliver it to the lucky recipient.

Our short but crucial consultation ensures we have all the relevant information needed – budget, age, interests etc – so that when it comes to delivering the short list of presents for you to pick from, you’ll be assured by the choices straight away. The consultation period also involves picking the wrapping service you’d like; either ‘luxury’ or ‘embellished’, so that as soon as the present arrives with us at Something Given we are able to send it to its destination as quickly as possible.

The gift sourcing can be expanded to a ‘Calendar Service’ to provide all year long present sourcing support. This service would be arranged on a personal quotation basis.

Corporate buying can be time consuming at a hectic time of year. Pass your details onto us… Problem solved!

Finally, the beautiful, luxuriously wrapped present will then be sent off to your loved ones. So perfectly presented they won’t even want to open it, and you can take all the credit.

Allow us the privilege of ‘taking the strain’

Elizabeth Melleney

It will be our absolute pleasure to source the perfect gift and present it to your special person with anonymity and love from you.

Anything is possible with Something Given to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion, for ‘busy people who care.’

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…


My secret love has always been boxes, wrapping and lovely ribbons. The company started as a passion for beautiful packages and decorations to die for, plus lavish, often handcrafted, accessories to brighten any present.