We at Something Given are very excited to be writing a second blog! It has been over a month since we last had a chance to update you on the progress and growth here at SG. We have taken on new clients ready for the Christmas rush and have been investing in new luxury inventory to be able to provide the perfect amount of elegance to our products. This is our chance to share all these new updates with you and to keep you in the loop for what is yet to come.

We are now organising an all year round calendar service for clients. We are working with corporate clients to provide extravagant Christmas hampers for well deserving staff.  Plus the endless birthdays and celebrations of life are always ongoing despite the time of year.

Halloween saw the arrival of Mildred, nothing to do with ribbons and wrapping, but just too gorgeous a picture not to include….


Late October was a wonderfully inspiring day at the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ Fair in Olympia, London. The talent displayed by UK designers is so encouraging, and its brilliant to see so many of their new businesses thriving.We made contact with a whole host of amazing companies and talented young designers who we hope to work with in the near future to bring special gifts for you, not just at Christmas but all year round.. Of course my favourite stall was the ribbon heaven by Jane Means, always stunning and the choice is almost too much!


Please contact me liz@somethinggiven.co.uk for information on how Something Given can help you with the busy few months ahead. Sourcing gifts and a bespoke wrapping service to help take some of the strain. Its beginning to feel…..!