Reflecting back it is hard to pinpoint exactly where or when the inspiration to start the bespoke gift sourcing and wrapping company ‘Something Given’ came from. Having always been a great collector of beautiful sayings, gorgeous boxes, ribbons, paper and cards to bring every emotion to life.

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration”. Not only is this a beautiful quote it led me to think that celebrations are the key to every event that brings loved ones together and the key to my love of special times.

Thank goodness for the calendar year which sweeps up from one wonderful event to another. Christmas and new year soon leads on to valentines and easter where throughout much planning  goes into gift buying, sending thoughtful messages and arranging time for each other…..

Valentines Gift

Remembering our wonderful Mothers and Fathers day is hotly followed by the summer days………


As the seasons change we turn to harvest, a golden autumn time where fires start to glow and dressing up for halloween with trick or treaters everywhere!

All these events carry us through our lives and i am ever grateful as they are a constant source of inspiration to remind me of those we love and how important it is to celebrate life.

This is my first attempt at a blog trying to put the new direction of my life into some meaning. Giving a gift has always bought me joy and my aim is to bring that joy to others without the worry and the strain…. for busy people who care.

Next month will be looking at how to celebrate all the wonderful days in between the calendar events. Extra ideas for new Godparents who would like to make the Christening extra special and thoughts on how they can continue to be a strong presence in the life of their Godchild by remembering the special day each year.

Present ideas and gorgeous wrapping for all those extra special days…..

……..More to follow and Keep wrapping!